For cancellations of rentals with less than 48 hours’ notice, Thrifty Car Rental will charge one day rental of the reservation and an Administration fee of AED: 50.00. Sign In. YOUR OWN INSURANCE (OR THAT OF AN AUTHORIZED OPERATOR) MAY COVER ALL OR PART OF YOUR FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (OR THAT OF THE AUTHORIZED OPERATOR) FOR LOSS OF OR DAMAGE TO THE CAR. WARNING: FAILURE TO RETURN THE CAR IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE TERMS OF THE RENTAL AGREEMENT MAY RESULT IN A CRIMINAL PENALTY OF UP TO 3 YEARS IN JAIL. 1. LIS provides protection from third-party automobile liability claims for the difference between the liability protection limits provided under paragraph 10 of these North American Terms and a maximum combined single limit of One Million (US$1,000,000) Thriftys for bodily injury, including death, and property damage. Except for claims for property damage, personal injury or death, ANY DISPUTES BETWEEN US MUST BE RESOLVED ONLY BY ARBITRATION OR IN A SMALL CLAIMS COURT ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS; CLASS ARBITRATIONS AND CLASS ACTIONS ARE NOT ALLOWED. THE FOLLOWING SUBPARAGRAPH (b) APPLIES FOR ALL RENTALS IN THE UNITED STATES OTHER THAN THOSE NOTED IN SUBPARAGRAPH (a) IF YOU DO NOT PURCHASE LIABILITY INSURANCE SUPPLEMENT (LIS) (A SUMMARY OF LIS COVERAGE APPEARS BELOW) AT THE COMMENCEMENT OF THE RENTAL AND AN ACCIDENT RESULTS FROM THE USE OF THE CAR, YOUR INSURANCE AND THE INSURANCE OF THE OPERATOR OF THE CAR WILL BE PRIMARY. EARLY RETURN FEE of $25 will be applied if You return the Car more than 24 hours before the date and time previously scheduled, and You failed to notify us more than 24 hours in advance of such change by calling Thrifty at 1-877-283-0898. Dollar Thrifty Car Rental will have no obligations with respect to the Communications. 11. Within 24 hours of the booking, should a lower published Thrifty rate be found on a site other than, a completed claim form, available here on, must be electronically submitted. “Program/TRAVEL AGENCY Combination” means the use of Program service while charging the amount of the rental charges to the Travel Agency’s Agency Account. ALTHOUGH TWO METHODS ARE USED FOR EASE OF CALCULATION, THE PER­ MILE/KILOMETER AND PER­GALLON RATES PRODUCE APPROXIMATELY THE SAME RESULT. e. USE OF THE CAR IN A MANNER PROHIBITED IN PARAGRAPH 5 OF THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS WILL, TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, VOID LDW AND CAUSE YOU TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSS OF OR DAMAGE TO THE CAR RESULTING FROM THAT PROHIBITED USE. In accordance with the foregoing six paragraphs of Disclosures to you by Thrifty, if you desire to give your Consent to the use of Electronic Records to provide or make available the Information described in paragraph 1 above, click on the button marked I CONSENT. When You make a Manifestation of Assent, You are making an offer to enter into a contract with the Thrifty company identified on Your Enrollment Form (the "Enrolling Company"). This supplement is concluded to define the methods of combined use of the Program and the Company’s OTTO Account or an Agency Account, as well as Your obligations and responsibilities and those of Thrifty in this context. LIKEWISE, IF YOU HAVE ACCEPTED LDW IN YOUR ENROLLMENT, YOU MAY ELECT TO DECLINE LDW FOR A SPECIFIC RENTAL BY OBTAINING A REVISED RENTAL RECORD/AGREEMENT FROM A THRIFTY REPRESENTATIVE AT THE COMMENCEMENT OF THE RENTAL. The words "Thrifty," "we" and "us" mean the Enrolling Company and the Renting Company. Change in Hardware and Software Requirements. You certify that the OTTO Account number You have indicated in “Section 3” is in fact the OTTO Account number of the Company employing You. FOR RENTALS COMMENCING IN WISCONSIN, (A) YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO THE CAR OTHER THAN DAMAGE (x) RESULTING FROM AN ACCIDENT OCCURRING WHILE THE CAR IS UNDER THIS AGREEMENT OR (y) CAUSED INTENTIONALLY BY, OR BY THE RECKLESS OR WANTON MISCONDUCT OF, YOU OR AN AUTHORIZED OPERATOR; AND (B) YOUR RESPONSIBILITY WILL IN NO EVENT EXCEED THE FAIR MARKET VALUE OF THE CAR IMMEDIATELY BEFORE THE DAMAGE OCCURS, LESS ITS SALVAGE VALUE, PLUS ACTUAL TOWING FEES AND STORAGE FEES FOR NO MORE THAN 2 DAYS. The renter will be covered for any such accident during the rental period; passengers will also be covered, but only for accidents occurring while in, entering, or exiting the Car. A program member who makes a fraudulent use of OTTO Vouchers or the OTTO Account number, or an Agency Account number or a Voucher issued by the Travel Agency, will be automatically removed from the list of Members of the Program. OPTIONAL SERVICES OFFERED, COVERAGES, LIMITS, EXCLUSIONS, OTHER FEATURES AND PRICES ARE ALL SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. 8.6; Helpfulness of the counter staff . Restrictions on the use of Vouchers may apply. View more. •         Rates from other car rental companies. Thrifty reserves the right to modify the Best Available Rate Guarantee terms or to restrict its availability to any person, at any time, for any or no reason, and without prior notice or liability. EXCEPT FOR RENTALS AS TO WHICH SUBPARAGRAPH 8. THRIFTY MAKES NO BLUE CHIP OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR THAT THE CAR IS FIT FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. The refueling options are: (Available on rentals in the United States) YOU UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT IT IS IMPROPER FOR YOU TO FILE A LAWSUIT CONCERNING YOUR MEMBERSHIP IN THE PROGRAM OR ANY PROGRAM RENTAL AGAINST ANY ENTITY OTHER THAN THE ENROLLING COMPANY OR, WITH RESPECT TO ANY PARTICULAR PROGRAM RENTAL, THE APPLICABLE RENTING COMPANY. 2. There will be no fee charged by Thrifty for your withdrawal of Consent. If such coverage is imposed by operation of law for the benefit of persons other than You or any Authorized Operators, then the limits of such coverage will be the minimum required by the law of the jurisdiction in which the accident occurs. Program/AGENCY COMBINATION: PART II. B. Minimum age is 20 on most vehicles (18 in Quebec). You will have to submit the claim form to the insurance company together with Your Rental Record. A reservation must be made at least 72 hours in advance of your rental by going direct to and booking the lowest available rate for that rental car type. Prix de location de voiture bas. The agreement governing such a rental (this "Agreement") will consist of (i) Your Enrollment for the country in which that rental commences, (ii) these General Provisions and the terms and conditions of these Rental Terms which are applicable to rentals in that country, as modified by Thrifty in the manner described in "Waiver Or Change Of Terms," below, (iii) the applicable Rental Record/Agreement (excluding, in the case of a Rental Agreement, the preprinted general terms and conditions section thereof, if any) and (iv) any other documents which You are required to sign when You rent the Car. The information can include Your identity particulars, the fact that you have applied for or obtained membership in the Program, or that you have applied to rent or have rented Cars from Thrifty, details of any payment which You must make to Thrifty which is more than 60 days overdue and for which debt collection action has started, information that in Thrifty’ opinion you have committed a serious credit infringement, and information about dishonoured cheques drawn by you for AUS$100.00 or more which have been dishonoured more than once. You have received, read, understand, accept and agree to the terms, conditions, disclosures and notices appearing in this Part I (the "Enrollment Agreement Terms"), which pertain to membership in the Program and Program rentals wherever Program service is available; as of January 1, 2016, Program service is available in the United States and Canada. In the event of any occurrence likely to result in a claim for PEC benefits, immediate written notice should be given to the Renting Company. TABLE OF CONTENTS e. FOR RENTALS COMMENCING IN PENNSYLVANIA, YOU ARE REJECTING UNINSURED MOTORIST COVERAGE UNDER THIS AGREEMENT, AND ANY POLICY OF INSURANCE OR SELF­INSURANCE ISSUED UNDER THIS AGREEMENT, FOR YOU AND ALL OTHER PASSENGERS OF THE VEHICLE. You also consent to Thrifty giving information about You to credit reporting agencies for the purposes of obtaining consumer credit reports about You and to allow the credit reporting agencies to create or maintain credit information files containing information about You. Program services will be provided in accordance with these Rental Terms for the country in which the Rental commences, with effect from the date and place of implementation of the contract as specified during the reservation. 4. Thrifty reserves the right to deny or reject a claim as a result of a Thrifty or third-party printing, technical, or other error, or where such claim is, in our sole discretion, made fraudulently or in bad faith. These terms & conditions, together with our privacy notice and cookie statement, constitute our agreement with you, for the services we provide in arranging for the supply of car hire. Only daily, weekend, and weekly rentals are available for Best Rate Guarantee, other rental lengths are excluded. ARBITRATION PROVISION In most parts of the United States, PAI insurance excludes coverage for injury or death resulting from use of the Car in violation of this Agreement and also for injury or death which: (a) is intentionally self-inflicted; (b) results from aircraft travel; (c) results from committing or attempting to commit an assault or felony; (d) results from intoxicants or narcotics unless administered on the advice of a physician (in Canada, this exclusion applies regardless of being administered on the advice of a physician); or (e) results from suicide or attempted suicide while sane or insane. ORDINARY WEAR DUE TO REASONABLE USE EXCEPTED, YOU MUST RETURN THE CAR TO THRIFTY IN THE SAME CONDITION IT IS IN WHEN YOU RECEIVE IT. THE PURCHASE OF OPTIONAL VEHICLE PROTECTION IS OPTIONAL AND MAY BE DECLINED. If a lower rate is later found on, the new rate will be honored, but the 10% discount will not apply. Contact Us. Any modifications, changes or cancellations made to an existing booking that has an associated Best Available Rate Guarantee claim will result in voiding of the claim. YOU REPRESENT AND WARRANT THAT YOUR INSURANCE IS SUFFICIENT TO SATISFY THE MINIMUM APPLICABLE FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY LIMITS REQUIRED BY LAW. Reservations can only be made by car groups and not by car models or specific brands, although the renter’s preferences are taken into consideration depending on availability. Depending on the date that they enrolled in the Program, individuals who have enrolled in the Program prior to the effective date of these terms may have been subject to terms and conditions of enrollment in the Program that differ from the Enrollment Agreement Terms which appear below. :-) 10/10. m. ANY OTHER CHARGES specified on the Rental Record will be charged at the applicable rates specified on the Rental Record. YOU AGREE THAT THRIFTY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE TO YOU, ANY AUTHORIZED OPERATORS OR ANYONE ELSE FOR ANY LOSS OF OR DAMAGE TO YOUR OR THEIR PERSONAL PROPERTY CAUSED BY YOUR OR THEIR ACTS OR OMISSIONS, THOSE OF ANY THIRD PARTY OR, TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, BY THRIFTY’ NEGLIGENCE. TO CARRY HAZARDOUS MATERIALS (OTHER THAN CUSTOMARY QUANTITIES OF MATERIALS USED IN THE OPERATION OF THE CAR THAT ARE STORED WITHIN THE CONTAINERS PROVIDED FOR THEM), EXPLOSIVES, BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE MATERIALS THAT ARE HAZARDOUS TO HUMAN HEALTH OR RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE OR RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL FOR RESEARCH, EDUCATION, DEVELOPMENT OR INDUSTRIAL PURPOSES, OR FOR PURPOSES INCIDENTAL THERETO; After you have given your Consent to the use of Electronic Records by clicking below, the Thrifty rental website will provide you with Electronic Records constituting the Thrifty BLUE CHIP Program Enrollment Terms and Conditions and Enrollment Form. “OTTO Vouchers” means the vouchers used by the Company and bearing its OTTO Account number. You further understand that Thrifty, American Traffic Solutions, Inc. and/or PlatePass, LLC may furnish information regarding You, including but not limited to Your name, address and driver’s license number to the governmental agency or court responsible for issuing or enforcing unpaid toll occurrences and toll, parking,or other citations that You incur during Your rental. IN THOSE JURISDICTIONS WHERE THE SALE OF LDW IS REGULATED THAT LAW WILL GOVERN YOUR RESPONSIBILITY FOR LOSS OF OR DAMAGE TO THE CAR. PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE (PAI) AND PERSONAL EFFECTS COVERAGE (PEC) SUMMARY OF COVERAGES Program/OTTO COMBINATION: IF YOU DO NOT PURCHASE FUEL FROM THRIFTY AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR RENTAL AND YOU RETURN THE CAR WITH LESS FUEL THAN WAS IN IT WHEN YOU RECEIVED IT, Thrifty will charge You a Fuel and Service Charge at the applicable per­mile/kilometer or per­gallon rate specified on the Rental Record. Thrifty reserves the right to modify the Best Available Rate Guarantee terms or to restrict its availability to any person, at any time, for any or no reason, and without prior notice or liability. •         Rates obtained through use of discounts, coupons, upgrade offers, pre-negotiated (e.g. Your Consent to the Use of Electronic Records And Demonstration of Your Ability to Access Information Best Rate Guarantee Terms & Conditions   PROHIBITED USE OF THE CAR IF YOU EXCEED 3500 MILES DRIVEN IN A 30 DAY PERIOD YOUR RENTAL PRIVILEGES MAY BE REVOLED DUE TO EXCESSIVE WEAR AND TEAR. 5. Thrifty warrants that the protection described in this subparagraph is primary with respect to any insurance coverage which You or an Authorized Operator may have.TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, THRIFTY’ DEFENSE OBLIGATIONS TO YOU OR ANY AUTHORIZED OPERATOR HEREUNDER SHALL CEASE AFTER THE APPLICABLE LIMITS OF LIABILITY PROTECTION ARE TENDERED OR EXHAUSTED. As of January 1, 2016,the daily Charge for this optional coverage is US$17.95 or less per day, but the Charge is subject to change without notice. Because there can be no assurance that Thrifty will receive an Automatic Non-Delivery Notice in all cases, if you do not receive Thrifty's Confirmation of your Consent within 24 hours after clicking on the "I CONSENT" button, you should personally notify Thrifty of this fact (a "Personal Non-Delivery Notice") by mailing a written notice to Thrifty Worldwide Headquarters, P.O. LIMITS ON LIABILITY By providing a form of payment, You authorize Thrifty to perform a check on Your credit and/or other data sources that identify any risk associated with a rental of the Car by You. AS MORE GENERALLY PROVIDED IN PARAGRAPH 6, THRIFTY MAY, WHERE PERMITTED UNDER APPLICABLE LAW, PROCESS ONE OR MORE VOUCHERS OR PAYMENT SLIPS AGAINST YOUR CREDIT, CHARGE OR DEBIT CARD FOR THESE LOSSES, COSTS AND CHARGES, TOGETHER WITH ANY OTHER APPLICABLE CHARGES, AT OR FOLLOWING THE COMPLETION OF THE RENTAL. If You indicate You “Accept” PAI/PEC in Your Enrollment, coverage will be provided during the rental period of each Program rental in the U.S. and Canada. The failure by Thrifty to enforce any term or condition shall not constitute a waiver of that or any other term or condition. THE FOLLOWING SUBPARAGRAPH (a) APPLIES TO RENTALS ANYWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES IF THE PROVISIONS OF YOUR CDP NUMBER OR RATE PLAN INCLUDE THE EXTENSION BY THRIFTY OF LIABILITY PROTECTION. Any modifications, changes or cancellations made to an existing booking that has an associated Best Available Rate Guarantee claim will result in voiding of the claim. For more info, click here. The per­mile/kilometer rate is used if You do not buy fuel during the rental. The terms and conditions of these Rental Terms, as they may from time to time be changed by Thrifty, will be available on request made to Thrifty at (888) 400­8877 or by emailing Thrifty and at our Internet website, Drivers must be aged 30 or over to rent a prestige, luxury or elite vehicle. In Canada, the maximum coverage during each rental period is CAN$500 per covered person up to a maximum of three persons, after a deductible of CAN$25 per covered claim. •         Rates that may be found on auction or wholesale websites or sites which do not display the name of the car rental company until after purchase. DAMAGED CAR WILL BE WAIVED. a. Contact Us. 1. IF YOU DO NOT PURCHASE FUEL FROM THRIFTY AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR RENTAL AND YOU RETURN THE CAR WITH AT LEAST AS MUCH FUEL AS WAS IN IT WHEN YOU RECEIVED IT, You will not pay a charge for fuel. At the bottom, please indicate your choice by clicking on the "I consent" or "I decline" buttons. In such an event, You authorize Thrifty to resolve the inconsistency in any manner that it in good faith determines, provided that the Rental Record/Agreement that You receive at the commencement of the rental reflects the resolution of the inconsistency that Thrifty has determined to effect. AS OFJANUARY 1, 2016, THE FOLLOWING LIMITATIONS EXIST. This Agreement is entered into, and the rental of the Car using the Program commences, when You take possession of the Car. 7. If You drive the Car 75 miles or less from select locations, You will receive credit for the amount previously charged for the purchase of fuel from Thrifty and will be charged the ≤75 mile Fuel and Service Charge at the rate specified on the Rental Record, to the extent permitted by law. At certain locations, Thrifty may offer LIS coverage with higher limits. PAYMENT OF CHARGES 4. 3. You have read, understood and accepted these supplementary Terms and Conditions. The result is the mileage/kilometerage Charge. An arbitration award and any judgment confirming it apply only to the specific parties in that case and cannot be used in any other case except to enforce the award itself. Therefore, Thrifty hereby informs You that the valid and collectible liability insurance and personal injury protection insurance of any authorized rental or leasing driver is primary for the limits of liability and personal injury protection coverage required by ss.324.021 (7) and 627.736, Florida statutes, unless Your CDP number or rate plan includes the extension by Thrifty of liability protection or You accept the optional LIS. Benefits include up to $10,000 per person for reasonable and customary cost of necessary medical care for covered sickness, including medical or surgical treatment, hospital services, supplies, x-rays and laboratory fees, local ambulance, and visits to a physician’s office, subject to a $100 deductible per person. 3. Important car rental Iceland information. THE LIMITS OF THIS PROTECTION ARE A COMBINED SINGLE LIMIT OF CAN$1,000,000 FOR BODILY INJURY AND PROPERTY DAMAGE. Need to get in touch with Thrifty Car Rental? Disclosures to You by Thrifty and Your Consent to the Use of Electronic Records WILL CONSTITUTE A BREACH OF THIS AGREEMENT, MAKING YOU RESPONSIBLE, TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, FOR THE ACTUAL AND CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES TO THRIFTY CAUSED BY THE BREACH, TOGETHER WITH THRIFTY’ RELATED COSTS AND ATTORNEYS’ FEES. THRIFTY BLUE CHIP RENTAL TERMS PART II. BY ENTERING INTO THIS AGREEMENT, YOU AGREE TO THIS ARBITRATION PROVISION. If at any time You wish to change any of the selections on Your Enrollment Form, You may do so in the manner described in section 2, below. You may be liable to Thrifty up to the maximum amounts specified in the preceding sentence and to an injured person for amounts awarded in excess of those maximum amounts. This information may also be viewed at Hertz Car Rental Locations. You certify that the Agency Account number You have indicated in “Section 3” is in fact the account of the Travel Agency. Toggle navigation. You must have the reservation made by the Travel Agency; Benefits in the include death benefits of US$175,000 for the renter and US$17,500 per passenger; PAI also provides limited coverage for medical expenses (benefits are limited to $2500 ($3500 in New York)) and ambulance expense (benefits are limited to $250 ($150 in New York))n most parts of the U.S., total benefits for any one accident are limited to US$225,000. UNLESS REQUIRED BY LAW, THRIFTY DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY “UNINSURED” OR “UNDERINSURED” MOTORIST PROTECTION, PHYSICAL DAMAGE PROTECTION FOR THE CAR, “NO-FAULT” OR OTHER OPTIONAL PROTECTION IN CONNECTION WITH THE RENTAL AND THRIFTY AND YOU HEREBY WAIVE AND REJECT, TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, INCLUSION OF SUCH PROTECTION. •         Car rental components of inclusive or package rates. a. IF YOU CHOOSE TO PURCHASE FUEL FROM THRIFTY AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR RENTAL BY SELECTING THE FUEL PURCHASE OPTION, You will be charged as shown on the Rental Record for that purchase. These maps are generally furnished at all Thrifty locations in Dade County. In New York State, the maximum coverage is US$500 for each covered person, per occurrence, and the total benefits in any rental period is limited to US$1,500. For details on such compensation, You should contact that party. EXCLUSIONS You or Thrifty may commence an arbitration by providing a written demand for arbitration to the other (to Thrifty, 8501 Williams Road, Estero, FL 33928, Attn: Arbitration) and two copies of the demand to the AAA. SUBPARAGRAPH (a) ALSO APPLIES TO RENTALS COMMENCING IN THOSE U.S. JURISDICTIONS WHICH HAVE LAWS WHICH REQUIRE THAT CAR RENTAL COMPANIES PROVIDE PRIMARY LIABILITY PROTECTION; AS OF JANUARY 1, 2016, U.S. JURISDICTIONS IN WHICH CAR RENTAL COMPANIES ARE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE PRIMARY LIABILITY PROTECTION INCLUDE, MARYLAND, MASSACHUSETTS, MICHIGAN, NEW YORK, SOUTH CAROLINA, VIRGINIA ,WEST VIRGINIA AND ST. THOMAS. INTENTIONALLY DESTROY, DAMAGE OR AID IN THE THEFT OF THE CAR; Remember, rates change often. The terms and conditions appearing in this Part II. b. If the offer to enter into a contract that You make with Your Manifestation of Assent is accepted by the Enrolling Company, then the resulting Enrollment Agreement will supersede any prior enrollment agreement submitted by You which was accepted by Thrifty prior to acceptance of this Enrollment Agreement with respect to those countries. YOU ARE ALSO ADVISED TO DETERMINE WHETHER SUCH COVERAGE IS PROVIDED UNDER THE AGREEMENT REGARDING THE CREDIT CARD WHICH IS USED TO PAY FOR THE RENTAL OR FROM ANY OTHER SOURCE AND, IF SO, THE TERMS AND SCOPE OF SUCH COVERAGE. YOU AND ANY AUTHORIZED OPERATORS HEREBY WAIVE ANY CLAIM AGAINST THRIFTY, ITS AGENTS OR EMPLOYEES, FOR LOSS OF OR DAMAGE TO YOUR OR ANYONE ELSE’S PERSONAL PROPERTY, WHICH INCLUDES, WITHOUT LIMITATION, PROPERTY LEFT IN ANY THRIFTY VEHICLE OR BROUGHT ON THRIFTY’ PREMISES, CAUSED BY YOU OR ANY AUTHORIZED OPERATOR, BY ANY THIRD PARTY OR, TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, BY THRIFTY’ NEGLIGENCE WHETHER IN WHOLE OR IN PART. You are prohibited from posting or transmitting to or from … 8. The receipt of your Consent by Thrifty will serve to demonstrate that you can access Information in electronic form provided or made available to you by the Thrifty rental website. Reservations made not less than two (2) hours in advance of proposed rental commencement are required for Blue Chip rentals. 9. 4. ISSUER AND THE TIME THAT THE CARD ISSUER RELEASES THE EXCESS. a. Website browser at least equivalent to Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x and above, Netscape Navigator 4.x and above, AOL 4.X and above, and equipped with SSL security of no less than 40 bits (128 bits recommended); Your Enrollment, together with the terms and conditions of the Rental Terms which are applicable to rentals in the country in which the rental commences (as modified by the Enrolling Company from time to time in the manner prescribed therein), the Rental Record or Rental Agreement which You receive at the commencement of the rental (excluding, in the case of a rental agreement, the preprinted general terms and conditions section thereof, if any), and any other documents which You are required to sign at the commencement of the rental, will constitute the agreement between You and the Renting Company governing the rental. 3. 9.1; Time it took to collect your vehicle. THE INCLUSION OF ANY SUCH PROTECTION. You may not assign Your rights or responsibilities as a member of the Program or Your rights or responsibilities under any agreement governing any Program rental. •         Rates that may be found on auction or wholesale websites or sites which do not display the name of the car rental company until after purchase. Information contained in (or visibly referenced by a link contained in) the website location you are now reading; and The authorization given by the Company/Travel Agency can be cancelled at any moment and in the event of withdrawal from this authorization for any reason whatever, Thrifty could not be held responsible for its refusal to give You the benefit of Program/OTTO or Program/TRAVEL AGENCY Combination. Your making a Program rental after the effective date of such changes will constitute Your acceptance of such changes. THE WAIVER IS NOT INSURANCE. (C) YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MECHANICAL DAMAGE UNRELATED TO AN ACCIDENT OR THAT COULD REASONABLY BE EXPECTED FROM NORMAL USE OF THE CAR EXCEPT IN INSTANCES WHERE ABUSE OR NEGLECT BY YOU OR AN AUTHORIZED OPERATOR IS SHOWN. Except as provided in these Rental Terms, rental representatives are not authorized to waive or change any term of any agreement governing any Program rental. Traveljigsaw Insurance Limited is incorporated in Malta and is authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority to carry on the business of insurance in terms of the Insurance Business Act 1998. When you rent a car with Thrifty Car Rental, you can get to know the city at your own speed. IF YOU ACCEPT LDW, WHICH IS NOT INSURANCE, THRIFTY WILL NOT HOLD YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSS OF OR DAMAGE TO THE CAR, SUBJECT TO CERTAIN RESTRICTIONS AND EXCLUSIONS WHICH ARE DISCUSSED IN PARAGRAPHS 4(d), 4(e) and 5 OF THE NORTH AMERICAN TERMS. Your automobile insurance policy may provide coverage for Your liability while operating a rental vehicle. PART I. ENROLLMENT AGREEMENT TERMS NOTICE: THIS CONTRACT OFFERS, FOR AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE, A LOSS DAMAGE WAIVER TO COVER YOUR RESPONSIBILITY FOR DAMAGE TO THE RENTAL VEHICLE. YOU ARE ADVISED TO CAREFULLY CONSIDER WHETHER TO PURCHASE THIS PROTECTION IF YOU HAVE RENTAL VEHICLE COLLISION COVERAGE PROVIDED BY YOUR CREDIT CARD OR AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE POLICY. Most Thrifty rentals come with a full tank of gas, but that is not always the case. a. 5. You are encouraged to pay directly to the court, county government or other appropriate agency the applicable tolls, fines, costs, monetary assessments, penalties, fees, surcharges or other charges. The rate differential will be based on the base rate of the vehicle, and will not include taxes, fuel, surcharges or any other ancillary charges. In any arbitration under this Arbitration Provision, all issues are for the arbitrator to decide, including his or her own jurisdiction, and any objections with respect to the existence, scope or validity of this Arbitration Provision. If GPS or NeverLost units, Car Seats, or any other separately provided product is lost, stolen, or broken while on rent, You must notify Thrifty, and You will be responsible for replacement, delivery, and administrative costs. (i) THE LOSS OR DAMAGE IS INTENTIONALLY CAUSED BY, OR IS A RESULT OF THE WILLFUL, ABUSIVE, RECKLESS OR WANTON MISCONDUCT OF, YOU OR AN AUTHORIZED OPERATOR; (ii) THE LOSS OR DAMAGE ARISES OUT OF THE OPERATION OF THE CAR BY YOU OR AN AUTHORIZED OPERATOR WHILE INTOXICATED OR UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF A DRUG; (iii) THE LOSS OR DAMAGE IS CAUSED WHILE YOU OR AN AUTHORIZED OPERATOR IS ENGAGED IN A RACE, TRAINING ACTIVITY, CONTEST OR USE OF THE CAR FOR AN ILLEGAL PURPOSE; (iv) THE RENTAL AGREEMENT IS BASED ON FALSE OR MISLEADING INFORMATION SUPPLIED BY YOU OR AN AUTHORIZED OPERATOR; (v) THE LOSS OR DAMAGE IS CAUSED BY OPERATING THE CAR OTHER THAN ON REGULARLY MAINTAINED HARD SURFACE ROADWAYS, INCLUDING PRIVATE DRIVEWAYS AND PARKING LOTS; (vi) THE LOSS OR DAMAGE ARISES OUT OF THE USE OF THE CAR TO TRANSPORT PERSONS OR PROPERTY FOR HIRE OR TO PUSH OR TOW ANYTHING; (vii) THE LOSS OR DAMAGE OCCURS WHILE THE CAR IS OPERATED BY A DRIVER OTHER THAN YOU OR AN AUTHORIZED OPERATOR; (viii) THE LOSS OR DAMAGE ARISES OUT OF THE USE OF THE CAR OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES OR CANADA WITHOUT FIRST OBTAINING SPECIFIC WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM THRIFTY, WHICH PERMISSION MAY BE WITHHELD IN THRIFTY’ SOLE DISCRETION; OR (ix) THE LOSS OR DAMAGE IS ATTRIBUTABLE TO THEFT WHICH OCCURS WITH THE PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OR KNOWING PARTICIPATION OF YOU OR AN AUTHORIZED OPERATOR, OR WHICH IS ATTRIBUTABLE TO YOU OR AN AUTHORIZED OPERATOR LEAVING THE CAR UNATTENDED WITH THE KEYS IN THE CAR. If You arrange for a rental through a travel agent, Internet travel site, broker or other intermediary acting on Your behalf, Thrifty may pay commissions or other payments to that party to compensate it for arranging such rentals. You authorize Thrifty to process all charges in any way incurred by You in connection with an Blue Chip rental against the first credit, charge or debit card listed in Your Enrollment (as such list may be modified from time to time in the manner described in section 2, above) which has available credit or funds, as the case may be, and which is accepted to qualify for rental at the rental location. d. IF YOU HAVE PURCHASED THE OPTIONAL LOSS DAMAGE WAIVER (“LDW”), WHICH IS NOT INSURANCE, THRIFTY WILL NOT HOLD YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSS OF OR DAMAGE TO THE CAR EXCEPT AS DESCRIBED IN SUBPARAGRAPH 4(e) BELOW. THE CAR MAY BE EQUIPPED WITH GLOBAL POSITIONING TECHNOLOGY OR OTHER TELEMATICS SYSTEMS AND A TRANSMITTER THAT ALLOWS THRIFTY TO TRACK OR OTHERWISE LOCATE THE CAR AND PRIVACY IS NOT GUARANTEED.