(Bug #15748), DLC2DRRModynVelethBonemoldBranchTopic: "It's fashioned from actual bone that's been reinforced with a resin-like material and then shaped to form the armored plating." -> "You wanted to speak to me, Councilor?" (Bug #17633), Elgrim has a hello topic that is no longer appropriate to use if Ingun Black-Briar is dead. / "When we buried my husband I made offerings to all the gods... except Talos." Cannot completely fix it but should be reduced to a smaller disruptive footprint now. 03012645, 030173E1, 03005138: Table cloths in the 3 main halls were floating above the tables. ", nilheimTelravIntroTopic: "Are you ok?" (Bug #16386), DLC1SoulCairnDialogueHellos: "I wonder if the fires are still burning in the Imperial City..." -> "I wonder if the fire is still burning in the Imperial City..." (Bug #16387), DLC1SurgeryIntroTopic: "I can't work with you in this state, night-walker." (Bug #25559), 050A2657, 050A2658: Rock piles added to cover a gap in a cave floor. (Bug #16152), DarkContractHelpBranchTopic: "You're being sent to meet with the contact directly, is that correct?" ("millennia of suffrage" -> "millennium of suffering"), F1445 HouseDecorateMarkarth "Markarth Home Decorating Guide": "This package will furnish one the small rooms that adjoin the living room with the implements of an alchemist's laboratory." (Bug #21060), 0005d9d2, 0005d9d3, 0005d9d4: Barrels clipping with each other and several other barrels in Bryling's House. (Bug #21231), 000e7f95: If the fish hatchery addition at Windstad Manor has not yet been built, two ice sheets overlap one another causing z-fighting. (Bug #425) (, Awkward dialogue has been adjusted to only show up when appropriate, so long as it doesn't block possible quest progression. Conditions for magic effects RestoreHealthFFSelfArea and PerkRestoreStaminaFFSelfArea have added an IsHostileToActor check in addition to the GetShouldAttack check. (Bug #16167), DB01AventusQuestBranchTopic: "With the body, and the... the things." (Bug #14892), The spell tome for Conjure Flaming Familiar was not set to the correct book mesh. -> "A rare find in the original Falmer language." (Bug #17642), The quest priority level on Rescue (DLC1RH06) needed to be raised because some NPCs it can pick are used in other aliases that override the AI that should keep them held as a prisoner. The light sources added to the Windhelm bridge ages ago have been removed to avoid the limited light source engine bug. (Bug #16650), Irileth and Proventus have a scene discussing the Jarl's safety that should only play once the city is officially at war. (Bug #13216), Muiri's dialogue response for accepting an investment was pointing to the wrong shared dialogue entry. Moved off shelf because it would not stay in place. (Bug #5583), Woodcutting axes have been added next to the wood piles in Whiterun, Riften, and Windhelm so that the player being asked to chop wood won't result in needing to exit the city and travel to a nearby village just to get an axe. The front door to the barrow is now marked as key required, which will prevent this from happening. (Bug #17674), DialogueFalkreath (Hello) [0004E2A8/000CF00E]: "Boland speaks much about the war and the Stormcloaks, but he knows who provides." (Bug #15790), TGRShellRadiantBranchTopic: "No get to it." (Bug #23545), 02003E75: Misplaced railing. (Bug #14956), Killing Agmaer in Dayspring Canyon before the Dawnguard (DLC1VQ01MiscObjective) quest starts will cause the entire questline to break. [Bug #12810]. (Bug #15998), DialogueDushnikhYalMine01Scene: "It is a fine day to work the mines." (Bug #19461), Skeletons and bones should no longer be floating over the fire pit in Shroud Heath Barrow. (Bug #19037), 020012C6, 020012C7, 020012C8, 020012C9: Rocks added to cover a large gap at the top of a mountain cliff [Ref 00062EDF]. Wilhelm does not have the dead body cleanup. I'm impressed. (Bug #15867), DA03BarbasOffer0: "My master and I had a bit of a falling out." A pair of enable markers at the watchtower north of Whitreun had been accidentally reversed, enabling Stormcloaks there at the start of a new game. (Bug #12812), The Ebony War Axe had an incorrect damage value of 15. Various radiant quest vampire targets are now properly flagged with the Undead keyword. -> "The Legion's always looking for strong, capable warriors. (Bug #8551), Golden Glow Estate will now be owned by the faction Aringoth and the mercenaries belong to in order to prevent the player from being able to simply take everything there without consequence. (Bug #23982, Bug #23966, Bug #23897, Bug #23861, Bug #23855, Bug #23820), 00015906, 00015946, 0003BA5B, 0003BA5C, 00046338, 00046351, 00046D10, 00046D11, 0004B147, 0004C0C1, 0004CC30, 0004D75A, 0004F444, 0004F445, 000506E3, 000506E5, 00051106, 0005344B, 0006B0DB, 00071B1C, 00071B1D, 00088ED3, 0006E0D8, 00088ED9, 00088EDE, 00088EDF, 00088F28, 00088FA5, 00090D1E, 00090D20, 00090D27, 000941E6, 000941E7, 00099F5F, 00099F61, 000A0981, 000A7651, 000A7669, 000A7693, 000B40A6, 000C0AFE, 000C0AFF, 000C0B0F, 000C0B10, 000C1E9D, 000C1E9F, 000C1EA3, 000C1EA4, 000C1EA6, 000C68D2, 000C68D6, 000C68DB, 000C9B1E, 000C9B1F, 000C9B21, 000C9B22, 000C9B23, 000CB121, 000CB122, 000CED23, 000CED25, 000CED26, 000D9952, 000D9953, 000D9954, 000D9956, 000E920C, 000E920E, 020155D3: Misplaced thickets, shrubs, and various other plants. (Bug #17772), It was possible to set off "Letter From a Friend" (WICastMagic04) events while in the Soul Cairn. (Bug #14042), EncBandit03Melee1HTankNordM was based on the wrong template and had the wrong outfit setting. (Bug #16840), MQ302ArngeirIntroB1: "Do you know the ancient Nord word for war? (Bug #14771), A scene between Jawanan and Jala (DialogueSolitudeMarketplaceJawananJalaScene) had no conditions on the second set of dialogue to make sure MS07 was completed. I am not splitting this horde with anyone." (Bug #17798), Nagrub has a hello topic that is no longer appropriate to use if Chief Burguk and/or Umurn are dead. (Bug #16324), DLC1VQ03VampireDexionScrollTopic3: "Ah, yes, the Elder Scroll! (Bug #19757), If Luburk is dead, BardSongStarter will no longer launch which would in turn cause bard song setups to fail for the rest of the game. (Bug #17246), A section of the path up to Throat of the World (ThroatOfTheWorldPath01) needed to be added to the location data for Throat of the World to prevent getting a "Letter From a Friend" when using shouts on the way up. (Bug #303). -> "Miraak served me well, and he was rewarded." (Bug #16537), CWDialogueHellos: "When we've reclaimed our homeland from the Imperials, we'll take the fight to the Thalmor." (Bug #14876), In the Aspiring Mage (WE31) random encounter, the persuade option does not advance the speech skill due to a missing property. (Bug #18581), DB01MiscLoreiusHelpCiceroResponseb: "Yes, you're right. (Bug #15243), 000f83fe, 000f83fd: Diamond and kettle rearranged to avoid the diamond being blocked by both the kettle's inner collision and the collision on the rock surface under them. (Bug #16506), DLC2MQ05 (Hello): "Only Storn can reveal the secrets you asked about." (Bug #16294), 000b906f: Rock added to cover a large gap here. (Bug #13030), Frothar was trying to sleep in Dagny's bed due to having the wrong sleep package in his schedule. I can't bear the thought!" (Bug #16871), FreeformMorthalAFollowUpA: "It is none of your concern, I assure you. It could take me all night!" (Bug #15645), 0301d3ce, 0301d3cf: Misaligned dirt floor pieces in Nchardak. Bound to upset some people..." -> "Ought to put on some clothes. (Bug #18524), The staff enchantment for Command Daedra (StaffEnchCommandDaedra) was missing the stagger magnitude it should have. -> "But... but you're not going to kill me. Should read 75% instead of 50%. (Bug #22286), 000997AE: Iron arrows were placed below the ground. (Bug #12482), Nurelion could not perform his full AI schedule due to his breakfast and dinner packages having no start times or durations. (Bug #12113), The arrangement of beds in House of Clan Cruel-Sea was not correct for the number of adults (3) and children (1) living there. (Bug #15280), In The Pursuit (TG07), when Brynjolf goes to open the vault door, it may already be open. (Bug #18048), 00056B2D: Flickering between two railing support pieces in Fort Snowhawk. (Bug #11912). (Bug #16081), dunHighGateRuinsPostQSTTopic: "Let me look." Isran's gear does not match his skill settings as a Heavy Armor Master. 0010ddac: Book clipping through altar. (Bug #23239), DLC2ThirskFFHalbarn [Objective 10]: "Bring, Ogmund needed to be added to the CR04ExclusionFaction to prevent him from being chosen for Hired Muscle (CR04). (Bug #17451), The map marker for Brandy-Mug Farm was using the wrong icon. (Bug #14059). (Bug #21066), 000c60e1: Barrel clipping with two other barrels that it is placed on top of. (Bug #14658), The dialogue for purchasing Hearthfire house upgrades in Markarth was not linked to the option to continue buying more like the other house dialogue was. -> "Still, I would give much for even a few grains of moon sugar." (Bug #14664), 0009AD96: Link trigger in Dustman's Cairn missing property settings causing errors during Proving Honor (C01). -> "You have an odd name for a Dark Elf." (Bug #16208), AstridPlayerFindTopic: By Sithis, I was such a fool." -> "The dwarves were masters at subterranean construction... these ruins show only a fraction of their capabilities." It has been removed from all such lists. -> "I prefer to be near enough to come visit, but free to come and go as I please." (, Removed the description "Especially effective against undead." The following locations were not properly marked as LocTypeDwelling: WhiterunGuardHouseLocation (also lacked LocTypeBarracks keyword). (Bug #21297), 000386ac, 0003987d: Floating canis root plants. Of course..." (Bug #22257), TG05MercerKarliahPursuitBranchTopic: "Several stepped up and tried to claim Gallus's former position as Guild Master." (Bug #19492), 02012972: Dummy potion inside the collision of another object. (DialogueTrainers) (Bug #19391), 000B77BA: Sound marker not attached to an enable parent. -> "I haven't been so busy since those nobles from Solitude came into the city three years ago." -> "Why delay? (Bug #20952), 04018658, 04018659, 0401865a, 0402c0ca: Misplaced sacks. The Dremora race was not set to use head tracking animations. (Bug #13823), Sabre cats, snowy sabre cats, foxes, and snow foxes were not set to respawn despite no in-game reason for this to be so. Skyrim is available on PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation VR. -> "You'd require the Jarl's cooperation, of course. I didn't want to, but she attacked to try and keep me from leaving." (Bug #14977), 0301EE21: Firepit with invalid enable parent setting. Vampires at Castle Volkihar will now drop the proper death items found on all other vampires. Due to template inheritence issues, Krosulhah was not properly being portrayed as a serpentine dragon as he should have been. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The team only have so much lifetime to maintain unofficial patches. -> "Oh, there's a chill in the air." (Bug #17241) [NR], Gralnach does not go indoors at night with his mother, and will often be found standing around outside the house doing nothing. / "The second one mentions the the night sky, and the moon." (Bug #16576), "I've reports they've hidden military camps out there out there." I suppose that's true. They have been separated out from each other in case items are stored inside. (Bug #19777), 000158E3, 000158E4, 00033045, 00033046, 00033047, 00033048, 00033049, 0003304A, 00033050, 0003307C, 0003307D, 0003307F, 00033089, 000330A3, 000330AD, 000330B0, 000330BA, 000330FF, 00033267, 00033268, 00033269, 0003326D, 00033275, 000332CB, 000332DA, 00033CAB, 00033CAC, 00033CAD, 00033CB9, 00038BE5, 00038BE9, 00038BEC, 00038C18, 00038C1A, 00038C1F, 00039776, 0003977C, 0006E896, 0006E898, 0006E899, 0006E89A, 0006E89B, 000712BB, 000712C4, 00071CE5, 00071CE6, 00071D61, 00071E87, 00071E8E, 00071E8F, 000839DD, 0008599C, 0008599D, 0008599E, 000859A1, 000859A2, 00090614, 0009B90C, 0009B90E, 0009B912, 0009B914, 000A25B7, 000A25B8, 000B4A81, 000B4A83, 000B4A84, 000B4A9C, 000B4AA7, 000B4ADE, 000B4ADF, 000B4AE0, 000B4AE1, 000B4AE2, 000B4AED, 000B4AEE, 000B4C1A, 000B4C1D, 000B5E54, 000B5E59, 000B5E5A, 000B89B0, 000B9B50, 000BD411, 000BD470, 000BD471, 000BD5DD, 000BD5DE, 000BD5E0, 000BD5E1, 000BD5E3, 000BD5E4, 000BD5EA, 000BD5EB, 000BD5EC, 000BD5ED, 000BD5EE, 000BD5EF, 000BD5F0, 000BD5F1, 000BD5F2, 000BD5F3, 000BD5F4, 000BD5F5, 000BD5F6, 000BD5F7, 000BD5FA, 000BD5FB, 000BD5FC, 000BD664, 000C20E3, 000C20E4, 000C20E5, 000C58C5, 000CE6D6, 000C6DE8, 000C6DE9, 000D04A6, 000D04A7, 000D04C1, 000E9AF3, 000E9AF7, 000E9AF8, 0402B8D0, 0402C5DF, 0402C67E. (Bug #13984), Pickpocketing the key from Calixto allows access to knowing his true purpose in Blood on the Ice (MS11) without being able to tell anyone about it. (Bug #17040), "Everything's all right?" (Bug #21236), Corrected Orthus Endario's hellos during Rise in the East (MS10) checking the wrong quest stages. -> "There's no time. Letting both quests run in the same location at the same time makes one or the other impossible to complete. "Unlike the elemental enchantments, the enchantment along cannot kill, although the weapon itself can still take a life." (Bug #27609). (Bug #22792), Random thieves and the Valtheim Keep bandits should no longer be accosting werewolves or vampire lords for money. (Bug #14431), Three dialogue responses in DLC1RadiantDisguised needed to have properties cleared that were no longer on the scripts. (Bug #20942), SolitudeStablesKey has been added to the inventories of Fridrika, Geirmund, and Horm. (Bug #22766), 0506FE37, 05074F39: Rock pile and snow drift created to hide gaps at the end of road pieces [Ref 0004395D, 0009B1DF] (Bug #22769), 05074F3A: Road chunk added to hide a gap beneath a road piece [Ref 00050DD8]. -> "You take care of yourself now." (Bug #17368), Object "DeerPelt" uses the same model as the recently fixed Elk hides, so it will now display as "Elk Pelt". To what it didn't matter, they simply wanted me to admit to something." -> "Cowards, both of you." -> "There's much more to worry about in life than a bit of a temper, my friend." (Bug #17771, Bug #18219), 0003C59E, 000798BF: Imperial or Stormcloak helmet that falls off of a table in Fort Sungard Annex. (Bug #9353) [NR], Deceiving the Herd (DLC1RV03) can trigger its kill selection setup before the player has been told to actually do anything. (Bug #26712), Siddgier's 4th dialogue option in Favor154 is trying to compare his relationship rank to a NULL target instead of the Player as it's supposed to be. (Bug #18007), 0007AC5F: Dead horse partially buried in the ground causing it to end up far away from where it should be. (Bug #16561), CWFinaleWindhelmSceneA: "Either way I'll be sending your heads back to Cyrodiil." (Bug #17422), 000B1A3D: Rock needed to be rotated inward to stay inside a room optimizer. Broken border connections and mislabeled water triangles effectively made the entire maze area impassible by NPCs. (Bug #18292, Bug #18288), 000C0C98, 000CE5D6, 000D47BA, 000D596F, 000D5970, 000D5971, 000D5A1F, 000D63A2, 000DCC00: Misplaced plates. (Bug #14798), The brief scene where Serana comments on the smell of the Soul Cairn will now play more reliably. [FrostSlowFFAimed] (Bug #110) [This fix appeared first in USKP 1.2 but was never documented], When the player kills an NPC, the game has the chance of generating a "letter of gratitude" from one of the NPCs enemies [Quest WIKill04]. (Bug #18790), 00056B66, 00064CBA: Clipping buckets. (Bug #13524). (Bug #18542), 00097DDB: Lowered a rock trim piece slightly that was clipping with the ground. (Bug #18396), Klimmek's sandbox package outside in Ivarstead had no activity flags set. -> "Most of the messages to and from his house dealt with his business, writing the weekly proclamation from the Temple of Auri-El." (Bug #17429), 000B1B82: Mushrooms buried too far into the ground. -> "You can have anything except the scroll, of course." (Bug #17549), 00020F84, 00026C85, 000448BD, 0004492B, 0004492C, 0004492D, 00057EF8, 0006C2EE, 0007E0D4, 000876F8, 0008CA2A, 00094873, 000B251F, 000D9795: Buckets that are clipping or misplaced. (Bug #18052), 02025354: Created a snow mound to cover up an exposed section of a mountain piece [Ref 000BF539]. Please try and control yourself." CWSoldierExtraDamageToPlayer and CWGuardExtraDamageToPlayer did not take into account the NPCs using these perks using two-handed weapons, as other extra damage perks did. (Bug #16937), MS14JarlReadJournalTopic: "So it's true. -> "so that we will be worthy to join him in death." (Bug #16851), MQ302 (SharedInfo): "You can trample us underfoot but we will rise again!" You have renewed my hope." -> "If they hadn't been looking for you, I could've stolen that horse and been halfway to Hammerfell." -> "Your gear is safe in my room, as promised." (Bug #16708), "The dwarves were masters at subterranean construction... these ruins show only a fraction of their capabilities." (Bug #24752), 05000837, 05000838: Road chunks added to cover a gap underneath a rock shelf. This cancels out Bug #24582. -> "There's some trouble in the Pale. (Bug #28916), DA05HircinesRingCursed: "Causes the wearer to randomly become a werewolf" -> "Causes the wearer to randomly become a werewolf." (Bug #13014), Large mountain gap near Ancient's Ascent. (Bug #18152, Bug #18173), 00020918: A chair that is buried in rubble. Experiments... and worse. (Bug #16374), DLC1HunterBaseIntroEndScene: "If you can manage that, the Dawnguard still may have use for you." -> "But I have more rooms to clean." (DialogueSolitudePalaceScene9ElisifFalkBolgeir). (Bug #27442), 00097C19, 00097C1A: Misplaced glow dust and frostbite venom. (Bug #12205), The AI packs used by Thorald and the other prisoners in Northwatch Keep will no longer use corpse event behavior. Navmesh fixes in Solitude have been merged with the edits done to provide Creation Club support for the Saints & Seducers dungeon. (Bug #17323), 000399c1: Dead alchemist with his arms jammed through the landscape. (Bug #22927), Faendal will still talk about how he works at the lumber mill in Riverwood if he's hired as a steward for one of the Hearthfire homesteads. (Bug #21563), Book3ValuableFinalLesson: "We have learned much for you" -> "We have learned much from you" (Bug #21615), dunTrevasWatchQSTBadBlood: "Sounds like more then just "bad blood."" (Bug #20991), 0002822f: Lowered a wall piece that had an exposed gap. (Bug #21328), 000e23e3, 000e23e4: Floating mountain flower plants. (Bug #25015), Book2CommonRealBarenziahV4: "It doesn't really matter. -> "I bet you're here to help with the war!" (Bug #19548), 000e2da9, 000e2da7, 000e2db0, 000e2db2: Weapon racks rotated to fix Z rotation bugs with placed weapons.